Q&A met Sims 3 associate producer MJ Chun

De Noorse site VG Nett had de kans om MJ Chun wat vragen te stellen en de resultaten vindt je op deze pagina.

Q: Anyway, I’ve heard that switching households is difficult and complicated, that people lose track of the sims they’re not currently controlling, and that they autonomously alter their own inventories… will personal items and valuables I put in my sims inventories really dissappear when I don’t play that household?

A: There is an Edit Town mode where you do all things like Build Buy on community lots etc. Switching households is a button on the UI. When you switch households your old Sim Family becomes NPCs in Sunset Valley so they are influenced by the Story Progression of the town. Your old family will grow old and have a career etc. Their inventory might change.

Bron: Snooty Sims

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