Sims 3 review op 1UP & Gameplanet

Ook de Engelstalige 1UP heeft nu een review online gezet van Sims 3.

All in all, however, the problems with The Sims 3 are easily outweighed by the wide variety of funky new gadgets, sharp additions to gameplay, and a pervasive sense that the developers had the fanbase squarely in mind throughout the design process. If EA gets the bugs ironed out with a patch, The Sims 3 will make a lot of converts to an already popular series. And it deserves to.

En ook Gameplanet heeft een Sims 3 review.

The other element is that it feels almost unnatural to have so much of life’s detail in a game. The Sims 3 is almost so real that its slightly uncanny. Once the character I created in my likeness starting acting like me I became concerned, and this was possibly the point where I started wondering if the realism simply has gone too far. Though perhaps this is simply The Sims 3 trying to eat away at Second Life. None of this really matters when the game easily eats up hours and hours of your day without you realising that they’ve passed, which seems to be the true test of a solid game these days.

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