Uitgebreide De Sims 3 guide op IGN

De Engelstalige site IGN heeft een uitgebreide De Sims 3 guide online gezet; veel aspecten van het spel komen aan bod van het maken van Sims, het bouwen van huizen, de vaardigheden tot een Q&A:

  • CREATING SIMS // Playing with only the Sims that shipped with the game can be a drag. Check out this section to see how to build an original Sim from the ground up!
  • WALKTHROUGH // See how Seth and Holly Schultz live their virtual lives, growing up and growing old in the city of Sunset Valley!
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES // The walkthrough can’t cover everything in the world of The Sims 3. This section will fill in the holes!
  • CONSTRUCTION // The Sims 3 features a house design tool more powerful than ever before. This section will show you how to, literally, build a house and a community lot from the ground up!
  • SKILLS // A Sim’s personality may determine how he acts and reacts to the world, but his skills are what get him ahead in his professional career. This section will give you a full rundown of all the skills, how to get them, what they do, and how valuable they are to you.
  • REFERENCE // This section reveals lists of information for various aspects of the game, for advanced players who look to pull the most efficiency out of their Sims’ lives!
  • Q & A // A final section for miscellaneous information, you’ll see all the random questions that can pop up while playing the game that aren’t covered elsewhere!

2 pagina’s zijn op dit moment leeg maar dat zal de komende dagen wel veranderen. Bovendien kun je, als je lid bent van IGN, de guides als PDF downloaden.

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