TSR Workshop Public Beta voor Sims 3 is online

The Sims Resource heeft een Beta versie online gezet van hun TSR Workshop: TSR Workshop v0.5.9.0.  Alle informatie erover vindt je op deze pagina van The Sims Resource en in de (meer lezen …)..

De TSR Workshop Beta zelf kun je op deze pagina downloaden, je moet wel lid zijn of worden van The Sims Resource en de file (TSRW.exe) is 12110.57kB groot.

Zie verder ook deze berichten op onze site.

TSR Workshop public beta

TSR Workshop v0.5.9.0 Specification

For those technically minded CC creators, here is the current status of the TSR Workshop for each content type. You should be sure to read the EULA before using the TSR Workshop to create your own Custom Content.

Clothing: Full support for all clothing types. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Makeup: Nearly full support. Eyebrows can not be recolored in game as of yet.

Hair: Partial support, some items can not be recolored in game yet. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Accessories: Nearly full support. A few items can not be recolored in game. New meshes are currently limited (see below). This is a work in progress.

Complates: Partial support for changing the different steps in the texture generation process (type, alphablending, colors).

Textures: Full support for changing all properties (rgbmask, specular mask, overlay, multiplier etc.) plus Export of all textures and Import of DDS files.

Meshes: Partial support of export/import of OBJ-files (wavefront format). Mesh vertices may be replaced IF the number of vertices is the same. Bone assignments may not be changed. Fully automated process with a live 3D preview.

Patterns: Possible to create/upload new patterns. You may also use existing EA patterns by using our patterns browser.

Variations: Possible to add new and delete existing variations to a creation. This makes it possible to include several versions of the same file in one Sims3pack file.

Export: To sims3pack with auto-generated thumbnails or custom thumbnails.


* Being project based you can start by cloning existing game content or by creating ‘from scratch’
* Project/package contents may be changed by using “Edit->Project contents”
* Smooth upload of files to TSR using the file storage option

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  1. ik heb de TSR workshop gedownload maar ik moet een map selecteren om hem te openen en vind de juiste niet. weet iemand welke het is?

  2. PS: daar vindt je ook de laatste versie van TSR Workshop maar er komt binnenkort weer een nieuwe versie online dus misschien even wachten met downloaden en installeren?

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