Meer informatie over Sims 3 Wereldavonturen

Op deze pagina van de Franstalige Jeux Video een interview met Lyndsay Pearson over de eerste uitbreiding voor Sims 3: Wereldavonturen.

We proberen het interview zo snel mogelijk te vertalen tot dan kun je in de ‘meer lezen’ een snelle vertaling naar het Engels vinden die Sim Programs online heeft gezet.

Bron: Simcookie> Why did you choose China, Egypt and Paris rather than other places?

Lyndsay Pearson: We believe that each of these places not only offers a fantastic visually very different neighborhoods already available in The Sims 3, but also many interesting activities. Each place has a dimension of mystery and discovery, essential to the adventure. French explorer of the catacombs or Egyptian tomb has many elements to please our fans but also to the development team.> How do you proposed to the three environments?

Lyndsay Pearson: The Sims will visit the three locations using a phone or a computer to book a trip. Players can also change these cities (as they may alter Sunset Valley) through the Edit menu of the game > Can we buy a second home?

Lyndsay Pearson: Even if your Sims do not live permanently in these new destinations, they might have one or more properties. After purchasing a second home in Egypt or China, they will have the choice between staying in this home or go to the “base camp” local when they want to go in the country.> Can we visit the famous monuments (Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Great Wall …)?

Lyndsay Pearson: We are really delighted to offer places based on the real world in The Sims 3 Destination Adventure. However, we appropriate the money by “Simifiant. Players will recognize however famous and historical places in each country. You can already see the Great Pyramids in the images we have available. In the coming months, we will give more information on other famous places that you can discover.> Will we see the inside of all buildings in contrast to Sims 3?

Lyndsay Pearson: We will be adding many new places and buildings in The Sims 3 Destination Adventure. These buildings have a complex appearance and visually stunning as well as parts and developed areas on the inside. For example, we created a sphinx that you can first see the outside. You can then open a door to enter and discover what it hides!> What kind of treasures to be discovered?

Lyndsay Pearson: Your Sims can discover many relics, coins and special items. The relics will be collected, exhibited or sold against money! Each place has its own specific relics and many relics common that you can find everywhere.> What means are available to the player to search for treasures?

Lyndsay Pearson: In the tombs, players can search for treasures in removing rubble, open treasure chests or by looking at statues and secret doors to unlock new parts. Outside the tomb, it will send your Sims explore the site to find relics and collectible items available.> What will the new skills?

Lyndsay Pearson: The new skills will be useful in the adventures and tasks proposed to the players. They can help you complete a story that will unlock a new key for a door, or will offer you an old reward to buy something for your Sims. Finally, skills offer new gameplay, and additional items to unlock as you progress.> Will it new traits?

Lyndsay Pearson: We will add a few traits in relation to the adventure. More details will soon be available, stay alert!

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