Win Sims 2 goodies op Twitter

Vanaf maandag 24 augustus t/m vrijdag 28 augustus kun je via de officiële Sims 2 twitter allerlei Sims 2 goodies winnen.

Ja: Sims 2 goodies dus geen Sims 3 goodies! Beter iets dan niets toch?

Hey Simmers!

We are almost up to our Plumbobs in The Sims 2 Swag – Tshirts, posters, frisbees, and other fun goodies. And we want YOU SIMMERS to have them! Want to be randomly picked to receive a TS2 goodie package?

Just join us in a moderated sticky or tweet with us on our Twitter page.

From Monday, August 24 – Friday August 28 during these hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm PST and you could be randomly picked!

We’ll hope to see you there – Maxoid Hydra

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