Gamespot over Sims 3 Ambities: nieuwe levenswensen en meer

Het lijkt erop dat er een nieuw PR offensief aan de gang is want ook Gamespot heeft een interview online gezet met Grant Rodiek met allerlei leuke details. Zoals 2 nieuwe Levenswensen: Afstammeling van da Vinci en Super Stylist (vrij vertaald).

GS: How will the architectural designer career path differ from standard Build mode? How will this career path bring in actual simoleons? How do you advance? Do you start off designing bowling alleys and end up working on the Taj Mahal?

GR: We refer to the architectural design version of Build mode as “Renovation” mode. While in this mode, players are shown their client’s requests, the budget, and any known traits that may impact the review. For example, clients who are bookworms may give you a higher review if you squeeze in a bookshelf under budget.

Each job will have different requirements. For example, a sim who wants a new “man cave” may request a big-screen TV, a bar, new sofa, and a foosball table. These are just the requirements though; if the budget is big enough, you can change a bit more outside the requirements or buy only the best things.

GS: Tell us about some of the new lifetime wishes and rewards available to these professions.

GR: New wishes include home design hotshot, [with] the goal to earn a high number of “great” reviews as an architectural designer; descendant of da Vinci, [with] the goal to master sculpting, painting, and inventing skills; and super stylist, [with] the goal to reach the top of the stylist career.

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