De Sims 3 Bovennatuurlijk: preview op Gaminglive

De Engelstalige site Gaminglive heeft een leuke prview online gezet van De Sims 3 Bovennatuurlijk.

All in all, Sims 3: Supernatural sounds as if it is shaping up to be an interesting release and one which could well bring disillusioned players back to the Sims 3 fold after the weak Generations expansion and several off-putting branded stuff packs (Diesel is incoming and the less said about Katy Perry the better). Magic is always a fan favourite and the inclusion of ‘build from scratch’ supernatural Sims will undoubtedly be a winner, as long as there are enough socials and interactions to make them more than a fleeting novelty.

Fingers crossed that there will be more than enough objects to make the build/buy crowd happy too, but given that EA have shot their mystical load on the Sims Store with these things, we hope for the sake of those who have already bought them that the expansion includes more than just carbon copies (although obtaining the otherwise pricey sets this way would be nice, as long as that isn’t all we get). Overall, the theme of the seventh expansion presents a broad canvas of potential – let’s hope that EA don’t skimp with the paints this time and deliver a solid, comprehensive addition to the Sims universe.

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