Simprograms interview met Lazy Game Reviews

Ik denk dat jullie de video reviews van Lazy Game Reviews wel kennen: we zetten zijn De Sims review – video’s en gameplay – video’s altijd hier op onze homepage.

Simprograms heeft een interview met de man achter Lazy Game Reviews online gezet.

SP: What are your hopes for the future of The Sims franchise?

LGR: Interesting question at this point as we’re nearing the assumed end of TS3′s shelf life. I think it’s really getting stale and I don’t like what I’m seeing with all the ham-fisted social integration, predatory free-to-play versions, and overpriced lackluster retail packs. I’d love to see the next game(s) in the series focus on what made The Sims awesome: simulating life however you want to, with more options and smoother gameplay than ever before. I have a wishlist of cool stuff I’d like, but I don’t want to see it become more focused on any one thing. I’d just like it to remain what it is while adding new experiences without taking advantage of its fanbase. Sims fans are often too willing to let things slide, and it’s time for more of us to take a stand and let EA know what we want.

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