Sims 3 Nieuws exclusive interview with associate producer, MJ Chun.

Hello Sims Fans!

Friday May 15th we had an ‘one on one’ interview with associate producer MJ Chun. We were able to use most of the questions you all send in to this blog, and we got all the questions answered! Hopefully you will enjoy the interview, we wish you fun while reading the interview.

1. How do you prefer to be called: MJ or Mary Jean?
MJ, just because it’s shorter. Haha!

2. Do the romantic interactions have a bigger range? Like, more options and such?
Yes, this has been enlarged because it different with every Sim. It has to do with the character traits your Sim got. The other Sim will remember what your Sim says. For example: if you keep telling the same joke over and over again, the other Sim will think you’re bored or maybe even scary.

3. Could you give us a bit more information about the downloadable town: Riverview?
Riverview is a complete new neighborhood with 60+ complete new NPC’s. There is a beautiful river in the small town and here are beautiful pastures. There will also be a few “old” faces from The Sims 2 in Riverview. Like ‘Don Lothario’. (When I heard MJ talking about Riverview I also heard the word ‘cow’. Unfortunatly I didn’t ask further on that one.)

4. How does the release of the Creator’s Tool work, is it for everyone or just the fansites?
To be honest, I am not sure.

5. Is there an auto-save or a manual-save in the game, or maybe both?
Just like The Sims 2 there is a manual-save option in the game. But there is a new back-up save that automaticly keeps up with the game.

6. In The Sims 3, if a couple with children will divorce, will one of the parents come by in weekends to pick up the children? Or something else in that direction?
That depends on the player, but this won’t happen on it’s own. Divorced Sims with children will have wishes about their children. For example, a Sim of my own, the father of the child from Claire Ursine wanted to buy a dresser for the child, for whatever reason! Because of that I found out the reason was because Claire didn’t buy a dresser herself.

7. When a Sim is walking through the city, will they animate some of their traits at random times? For example: will some Sims walk different then other Sims?
Yes! Evil Sims will often look around sneaky or make evil moves with their hands. And snobs will for example walk very proudly on the streets.

8. Do children/teens have different ways to express their traits then adults?
Yes, they have their on set of animations to express.

9. When adults go to work, you can choose how they will work. Will this also be the same when children/teens are at school?
No, but they will get different kinds of homework and assignments to make.

10. Can Sims still be abducted by aliens?
No, but you can play a ghost!

11. In this Belgian magazine they say that in The Sims 3 there is University, is this true? If so, is it a rabbit hole?
That all depends on the player.

12. Is the neighborhood always busy and full? Or will it sometimes be a empty place? Will it be as populated at night as in daytime?
That is completly random. Sometimes it’s busy, and sometimes it’s quiet. Some places, like the cemetery, will be more populated at night then at daytime.

13. As far as we know, we can’t enter shop’s since they are rabbit holes. But can we choose what they will buy?

14. Can you stop aging at certain families? Or just the whole neighborhood?
Only the whole neighborhood.

15. When another family in town gets a few kids, but the house gets too small, will they move out? Or expand the house they live in? Will the game itself decorate the house for them?
They will not expand their house or adjust it. They will move.

16. Can children have a crush or fall in love with their same age group?

17. Will neighbors, friends or other family members visit our Sims too?
Yes, friends and family will for example visit more often then strangers.

18. Will we see all the Sims from The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 + new Sims? Or just some old ones?
Only a few old ones, not everyone.

19. When a Sim cheats on his girlfriend/wife, and a good friend of the girlfriend/wife who is being cheated on noticed it, will he/she tell it to the girlfriend/wife?
That can happen, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Look, the whole town gossips. If there is something happening on one part of the town, there is a big chance the second part of the town knows it the day after.

20. Will Sims you don’t play change their clothing, make-up and have different hairstyles at random times?
No, but they will change their clothes from time to time.

21. Are tattoo’s available?

22. Can teens still run away from home? If so, can they be found for example at a friends house?
Oh wow, that is a very good question! Even I don’t know that one, haha!

23. Will children/teens have different intellect? Will some be better at school or work then others?
Yes, everyone has different intellect.

24. Will Render Girl be in the game?
No, she was one of the Sims we created while creating The Sims 3. But you can make her yourself! Is she so populair then? See, I knew it! I already told my collegue’s that the Sims we promote the game with should also be in it! Could I maybe take this question with me so I can show it to my collegue’s? (Of course I gave it to MJ.)

25. Is there a Eye-Lash slider bar?
Yes, that one will be available in the game.

26. How many traits will the game include?
Above the 60.

27. Do the difficulty levels only have influence on wishes? Or the whole game play?
That is possible yes, but it’s more to just show how difficult or easy it is to play a certain family. For example: One grown up with seven toddlers will be very difficult.

28. Will the story of Pleasantview in The Sims 3 eventually come forth?
Haha, that is something you will have to find out yourself! 😉

29. How does the picnic system works? Can you call someone through the phone and ask them on a date?
No, this is just real. You do have to buy the picnic basket first. You can also call a friend through the phone and call to meet somewhere in town to picnic with that Sim.

30. When making a family, can you make newborns as well?
No, the youngest Sim you can make in CAS is a toddler.

31. Will the lifetime wish be directed to your young-adults automaticly when growing up?
That is something you can decide on your own!

32. Can teens still get jobs?
Yes, teens can still get jobs.

33. In The Sims 3, is there still an item like the life elixir that can make your Sim younger?
Something like that.. There is something called lifefruit. That is something you do have to create first through a special recipe book.

34. Can the censor blocsk in The Sims 3 be taken away easily?
What!? Hahaha, no way! We don’t have a option in the game to turn that on or off.

35. In a supermarket, can you buy the products apart equally?
Yes, that is possible!

36. Are the farms in Riverview playable?
No,but you can make your own farm.

37. Is the cheat ‘Full Rotations’ still in the game?
No, that one has replaced with the ALT button. When you press on the ALT button you are able to place the items where you want it and how you want.

38. Did you like our interview?
I thought this was a wonderful and fun interview! Normally I get the same questions but this interview had a lot of questions I never heard before! This is certainly one of my most favorite interviews!

This was the interview with MJ Chun. Hopefully you all enjoyed it!

The Sims 3 Nieuws Team.

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