The Sims 3 Supernatural Hands-on: questions and answers

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When it was announced that we could go to a hands-on of The Sims 3 Supernatural at the office of EA Benelux, we have given our forum members the opportunity to ask questions. We didn’t have time to answer all questions, but we hope we have answered the most imported ones.

  • Are the outfits available at all times or are there certain pieces only availabe for fairies?

All outfits are available at all times, so when you’re a fairy you can wear a shirt for werewolves.

  • Are werewolves only werewolves at night of are they werewolves all day?

Werewolves have to transform, so you can choose when you’re Sim is just a normal Sim or a werewolve.

  • Is there a button to forbid ALL supernatural creatures in your city?

In the settings there is a part where all creatures and celebrities are. You can turn this off per creature.

  • Which objects are really cool?

That depens on your own opinion, but I like the fairy house, really nice and cute, and the rocking chair, where you can rock your baby/toddler into sleep. But there are more! A broom to fly with, a magic wand, a rocking horse, a railroad and so on.

  • Are there special community lots for fairies, witches and so on?

Yes, there are special community lots for faries, witches, werewolves and vampires. On this lots, you can meet other Sims of the same creature. But if you’re a normal Sim, you’re welcome as well. If you survive, I don’t know.

  • On the Live Chat of The Sims 3 Supernatural, you could see at about 21:21 a green book in the inventory. Do you know where you can use this for?

This green book is a collecting guide. In this book, there are the different kinds of fish, stones, metals, gemstones, insects and plants. There is an overview where you can see how many you’ve collected, what their rarity is and some records.

  • Are there new lots and professions?

Moonlight Falls is a whole new city with its own style houses, community lots and rabbitholes. There is also a new professions, now you can become a fortuneteller. If your Sim is a fortuneteller, he goes to the caravan in the city to work there, but unfortunately it’s a rabbithole.

  • Are there new life wishes?

We have quickly looked at the wishes and picked four. Maybe there are more, but during such a play session you can miss something!

Magical Makeover:
Award 12 different Sims their inner beauty
Have level 10 charisma
Greener grass:
* Let 100 plants bloom
* Have level 10 gardening

Artisan alchemist:
* Have level 10 alchemie
* Use 50 alchemie elixirs

Famous paragnost:
* Become level 10 fortuneteller (crooks branch)
Mystic healer
* Heal 12 different transformed Sims with a sun spell or a powerful healing elixir

Leader of a flock
* Transform 5 Sims into a werewolve
* Find during hunting objects that are worth 40.000 Simdollars

  • What can fairies do (besides pranks / making jokes)?

Fairies have auras: creative aura, aura of calmness and aura of body and mind. Every aura has a special colour and you can put on one at the same time.
Fairies have also the option ‘I can fly’ and than they will make a roll in the air. On top of that, fairies can become very small and live in their fairy house. Over there, they can sleep, party and relax.

  • If you have a supernatural kid, at which age is it visible? And what can they do more than normal toddlers/kids/teenagers?

When your toddler is a fairy, you can already see the wings. The toddler can even fly and go into the fairy house. If you toddler is a werewolve, you can’t see anything. You have to wait untill your Sim is a kid. When I’m right, this is also when you’re toddler is a witch.

  • Can witches fly wherever they want or only on the animated ‘flight path’?

If you’re a witch, you need a broomstick to fly on. You can buy it in the buy mode, where you can also buy a flight path. You can fly there and you don’t have to hold on to the normal speed.

  • Will the vampires from The Sims 3 Late Night be replaced of will there be another kind of vampire?

There are two kinds of vampires, the vampires from The Sims 3 Supernatural appear to be stronger than the vampires from The Sims 3 Late Night. We didn’t discover if there are more differences.

  • On a website I read that you can hold bees, but I can’t find any information about it. Are there bees? En if it’s yes, what can you do?

Yes, there are bees in the game. You can hold them in a beehive and take care of them.

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