Niet iedereen positief over De Sims 3 na Europese presentaties

De laatste weken zijn er nogal Simmers geweest die De Sims 3 hebben kunnen spelen tijdens de presentaties die her en der in Europa werden gehouden, Msellionora1 post op de Amerikaanse De Sims 2 BBS dat zij tijdens het spelen van De Sims 3 in Stockholm toch wat teleurgesteld was.

Quite boring: There wasn’t really much stuff to do when you played. The most fun was actually CAS, and I’m not a builder so I didn’t want to explore that field much. The traits was fun but not really serious, it was hard to build relationships with other sims and all you did on the community lots was mainly playing chess… Hmm.

Toch zijn er ook wat positieve punten te melden:

It has potential… Being able to change the whole mood of the neighbourhood. Like, if I want my town to be in a financial crisis, it would be destroyed if my A.I neighbours started behaving as rich wannabees. With my idea you would later in the game be able to have a modest little medivial town with beggars and noble people.

Het topic vindt je hier op de Amerikaanse De Sims 2 BBS en Msellionora1 beantwoord er ook vragen die andere Simmers hebben.

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