Nog meer weetjes van de Sims 3 UK event

Honeynutcows heeft in dit topic op het Sims 2 Community Forum haar ervaringen opgeschreven van 2 uur lang Sims 3 spelen. Hier enkele quotes:

Social interactions are grand (if some a little silly) as my sim was a bookworm and a hopeless romantic he had around 20 extra social interactions, most of them for the romantic trait but also things like talk about books. I also found when I played another sim, that learned skills carry social options… for example a sporty military sim had the option to salute and to express her need for exercise

Watching Sims travel was great (although when your Sims on a bike expect them to cycle straight through people and cars ) and a journey from one side of town to the other is super quick thanks to grand theft auto style driving.

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