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  1. Why did you credit SimTimes? Can you email me (connorjackturnbull@googlemail.com) because I don’t understand what i’ve done wrong! Please, if I need to apologise, I will. I am sorry if I have upset you!

  2. Please, can you email me if I have done something wrong! You’ve blocked me from Twitter. Have I not credited you in the past? I’m sorry

  3. It wasn’t about the credit, I was just wondering if I have done something wrong. You’ve blocked me from Twitter etc.

  4. o please: weeks ago i was looking for new team members and you emailed me pretending to be be dutch using translator.

    when i asked you to stop that nonsense, i regonized your email adress, you responded with: So what?

    so allso stop this nonsense here !!!!!!!!!!

  5. OK. I apologise. But please, can we leave that at the door. I never actually said I was dutch. In fact, I have dutch relatives which I could have used them.

    But please, can you forgive?

  6. I left it at the door weeks ago but you keep bodering me or my friends on Twitter with the question why i ignore you.

    I gave the reason for that many time allso again here: so please stop this nonsense.

  7. From now on me and my team members will delete this nonsense: we have a great site and want to keep the good mood here.

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