Spotlight on a Sims Player: Ghetto Kid Rap

Leuke parodie op alle Sims 3 ‘Spotlight on Sims 3 player’ video’s.

Bron: Sim Programs

De rap tekst vindt in de ‘lees meer’


Life in the trailer
Is pretty good
It ain’t no suburb
But it ain’t quite the hood
Ignore the money
In our abode
That’s a cheat
Called motherlode!
(Check it out)

I’ll show you my mom
She’s in love with dad
But also has a girlfriend
A MILF stepmom ain’t so bad
My mom has another kid
With a man she’s never met
But he’s been sent off to work abroad
In a place where he says
he sweats? (I don’t get it…)

My dad’s at work
He doesn’t know what’s up
But my mom’s g/f’s on her way over
She is such a sl*t
Baby brother Lucas
Sits in his own filth
My mom’s in the front yard
Getting it on with the dirty MILF

Awkwardly they make out
On the front porch
I stand crying by a ladder
Acting like such a dork
OMG why’d I come in here
This room smells like vag
My virgin ears, my virgin eyes
Where the hell is dad?
Oh wait…. There he is!

haha Dad, you caught mom
Sleeping with a swinger
I secretly hope, I secretly pray
We end up on Jerry Springer!

Slap that MILF, hit her hard
She cheated on you dad!
You should be super ashamed
She chose the MILF over your nads (Ouch…)
Hitting girls is all right
When you’re in cartoon color
Now get out there; front yard!
Flirt to forget my mother!

Dad you’re not cool
You’re getting super dissed
You’re hitting on ugly girls
And I’m getting really pissed
What the hell is going on
My mom and MILF are crazy!
They just went into the closet
Man they love the ladies…

This is where my story
Starts to go downhill
My dad says leave you bitch!
If only looks could kill
I place a call to social service
Hoping they’ll stop by
My mom is gone, the MILF is gone
Zero lesbians makes me cry
It’s not long after that dad quits his job
The repo man shows up
What an effin SOB… Or is it S-O-B?
(Whatever, I’m 12)

Our trailer looks like shit
And I’m showering from a pipe
My dad stinks like crazy
He’ll never find a wife
Social services show up
He doesn’t like my dad
The house is filled with crazies!
Social services will be mad!

Shit he’s cheering!
Shit he’s cheering!
Please stop cheering…
Please stop cheering…
My life’s a piece of shit
I want my MILF
I want my mom
Man…. I’m just a kid

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