Sims 3 IGN preview: Riverview en Store

IGN heeft op deze pagina een nieuwe preview van Sims 3 online gezet met informatie over de Riverview buurt en de Sims 3 Store.

One thing that you won’t need to spend money on is Riverview, the town that’s only available once you register. After you’ve registered, you go to the Web site and download Riverview; that process launches The Sims 3 Game Launcher, the utility that lets you manage all of your downloaded content. Riverview will show up in the Downloads section. You then select it and click on install to have it installed into your game. Now you can play in Riverview. After that, Riverview shows up in your Installed Content section, where you can uninstall it and any other content that you’ve downloaded and installed from the Web site. So if you don’t like a sim that you’ve downloaded from The Exchange, this is where you go to get rid of him or her.

Riverview offers up its own adventures to uncover. On our first runaround the town we discovered an abandoned and boarded up mine entrance on the outskirts as town, as well as a fish farm that’s perfect if your sims like to go fishing. The miniature Stonehenge on a small island in the river is perfect to get away from everything, though we haven’t figured out how to interact with it yet; is it a place for pagan rituals or just a nice spot for sims to make out?

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