De Sims 3 Prima Tips & Hints Guide als PDF file?

Na de release van De Sims 3 ga ik zeker de uitgebreide De Sims 3 Guide kopen van Prima Games kopen. Al eerder was duidelijk geworden dat de Prima Tips & Hints Guide die bij de De Sims 3 Collectors Edition zit slecht een klein deel is van de officiële guide.

En nu gaan er geruchten dat deze Prima Tips & Hints Guide niet als boekje bij het spel zit maar als PDF file op de De Sims 3 USB drive (die plumbbob dus).

Enfin: ik heb erg veel van deze guides en ze zijn zeer de moeite waard, in de ‘lees meer’ zie je wat er zoal in die officiële guide komt te staan.

The Sims 3

What’s New

This chapter explains all of the revolutionary and evolutionary features in The Sims 3. The newest chapter in The Sims franchise offers improved tools for Sim creation, home building, and more.

Creating a Sim

Here we help you understand all of the new tools for fashioning Sims out of digital clay. Learn how to make physical changes to your new Sims and discover how assigning traits shapes their personalities.

Creating a House

Dig into the building process. We show you how to use Build Mode and Buy Mode to erect your new house then build on to it when the Simoleons
start rolling in. We also detail all of the existing lots you can move into if you want to jump into a pre-made life.

A Day in the Life

This chapter is all about the unfolding life of your new Sim. This chapter talks about getting settled in your house, meeting neighbors, and starting a job. Developing useful skills and exploring the town of Sunset Valley is also explained.


Drill down into what makes your Sims tick. Every trait is detailed here and the effects they have not only on personality, but on jobs and relationships. Moods and moodlets are elaborated here, too, so you can keep your Sim happy. Goals and wishes are also detailed here.

Relationships and Aging

Relationships and Aging talks about friends, romance, and households in Sunset Valley. Learn how social interactions affect your Sim’s life. Plus, we offer tips for getting your groove on with a potential significant other.

Tour of Sunset Valley

This is where you’ll find all of the necessary knowledge about Sunset Valley, such as store inventories, job sites, and communal locations.

Design Corner

Highlights of outstanding professional lots created by Sims experts specifically for The Sims 3. Get your inspiration here!

Object Catalog

The Object Catalog contains every single object you can buy for your Sims. Prices, effects, and depreciation are all detailed in here.


Learn everything you can do with the online world of The Sims 3, such as share screenshots and videos of your Sim stories.

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