John Buchanan, EA marketing director, over Sims 3

Gamesindustry heeft een nieuw artikel online gezet over Sims 3, dit keer met John Buchanan EA Play’s senior marketing director.

Q: Why specifically focus on 16-24s?

John Buchanan: There are three key reasons – firstly, it does represent the largest audience that plays The Sims. Second, we know from a cultural perspective that 16-24 year olds are aspirational to a younger audience, so when we look at our other fans that 14 or 15 they’ll look to the 16-24 year olds to see what’s on the market place. Interestingly enough, that same audience is influential to an older age range as well, because older people will tend to look down to them to see what’s culturally relevant, what’s hip and trendy. Unfortunately I’m one of those people that falls into the older group…

So when we see The Sims with such a broad consumer appeal, the 16-24 year old range felt like a very important range to target, in order to be able to reach the broad audience that we have.

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