Nieuwe Sims 3 reviews

Koku Gamer:

Obviously the Sims 3 is not for everyone, it appeals to a certain audience and hasn’t lost sight of that, but it has expanded the size of this audience. Bringing in new features and another level of depth without sacrificing ease of use is a stunning achievement and will entice the dubious into trying the previously disregarded genre.

MTV Multiplayer blog:

The Sims 3” remains the unique experience it has always been, albeit with some welcome streamlining. The changes aren’t enough to make the game completely accessible to all, but mass appeal really isn’t what a proper “Sims” game has ever been about. Fans will certainly appreciate the more focused approach on simulated living, but newcomers will similarly be just as mystified as they’ve always been. Although it remains a “Sims” game through and through, “The Sims 3” is without question the best in the series so far.

Sim Programs alleen over Create a Sim:

You see, I’m stuck in Create-A-Sim mode right now… It’s not due to an error with the game as I could play the other parts of the game. No, my problem is that it’s ADDICTING to me. For the first time, I’m actually creating a Sim and loving it. With the original ‘The Sims’ game, I focused on object creation. I was not much of a skinner. When TS2 rolled out, I attempted to get into CAS but for some reason I could not grasp it. But The Sims 3…once I attempted to create my Sim version of myself I knew I was going to have a blast. There are a few issues I have in which I have however for the most part, creating Sims with the CAS is limitless.

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