2 nieuwe tools voor Sims 3

The Sims 3 Simple Install

The Sims 3 Simple Install Tool for Custom Content Creators offers to include the Sims 3 Custom Content in an easy installation file and players can obtain their downloads straight in the right directory.

Moreover the player has no need for any previous installation, because files provided with Sims 3 Simple Install will run unattended and automatically on a users system.

Sims 3 Saves Backup

City save files can become corrupted due to very different reasons! The Sims 3 makes backups from cities, but in not all cases your neighborhoods can be successfully restored by the game. This means, that a backup tool for your neighborhoods is mandatory, because soon or later you can meet a messy neighborhood saves file.

As well if you have to re-install the game it will help you to restore your neighborhoods which you have backed up with it before.

If you have downloaded any (custom) city, you can install it with this tool in the right place with the option “Integrate City”.


  • Export existing city / neighborhood to any directory of your choice
  • Integrate a city which you have just fresh downloaded
  • Backup existing cities, also the same neighborhood multiple (different dates)
  • Delete existing cities / neighborhoods
  • Restore backed up cities / neighborhoods
  • Delete city / neighborhood backups
  • Error protection integrated (Level 1)
  • Progress Dialog shows up if city file is bigger
  • Vista ready

Bron: Sim Programs

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