Interview met De Sims 3 team op Skewed & Reviewed

De Engelstalige site Skewed & Reviewed heeft de kans gehad het team dat aan De Sims 3 heeft gewerkt en natuurlijk nog steeds werkt wat vragen te stellen.

What are the biggest obstacles you faced in creating the game and the biggest success?

We really wanted to be a cohesive experience that appeals to many different types of players. One of the biggest challenges was creating a new Sims experience that would appeal to both new players as well as Sims fans. Whether it was the open town or the creativity tools like Create a Style we wanted to make sure that it was intuitive and captivating. One of the things that constantly amaze me is how much depth and richness the game has. I’m still finding moments (like when I discovered that flirty Sims are better at writing Romance Novels) where I find myself laughing and wanting to give kudos to everyone who worked on the features. I love how interconnected everything feels.

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