Gamespot & Hooked Gamers over Wereldavonturen op Gamescom

Gamespot heeft een kort artikel online gezet over de presentatie van Wereldavonturen gisteren in Keulen.

The Sims 3 World Adventures will keep an adventure journal for you, which tracks of all your accomplishments in the game. You’ll be able to see which items you’ve discovered, what collections you’ve seen, and what achievements such as ‘historical horder’ you’ve won. One of our favourite design features was that you start with a Level 0 Visa, which only allows you to visit these places for two days at a time. Once you’ve worked up to Level 3 though, you can stay there for a lot longer, as well as being able to buy a holiday home.

Ook Hooked Gamers heeft een artikel online gezet over de presentatie.

Will all the new stuff be enough to please the fans of the series? Time will tell. But with lots of exploring to do in three different countries there’s surely lots of fun to be had. Bring on the pyramids, I’m ready to be an adventurer.

Wij zullen deze artikelen niet vertalen: Patricia’s artikel, dat vanavond of morgen online komt, gaat veel dieper in op alle nieuwe informatie over deze eerste uitbreiding voor Sims 3.

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