Meer over fotografie in Sims 3 Wereldavonturen [UPDATED]

Buying a camera is pretty simple – all three locations (Al Simhara, Egypt, Shang Simla, China and Champs Le Sims, France) will have them for sale from the General Goods Merchant. Become a better photographer by studying the fine art – even purchasing the most expensive of the cameras in the Egypt destination! When your sim becomes good enough, they can take stylized photographics like Sepiatone or Vignette – even in panorama view! Best part, your sim can make a living off of this skill via selling their shots. Other interests you can do is complete various photo collections or hang your photographs on the wall.

With the Photographers Eye, you are given new lifetime wishes, tasks and opportunities for your sims to take on. Complete a photograph wish by taking a photograph of a pyramid or fulfill an opportunity like ‘teach a photography class at the school to earn rewards! You never know what to expect – you may even be asked to take a shot of a specific object! World Adventures will also bring forth the lifetime wish “Visionary” in which you will have to reach level 10 in both painting and photography. With the various destinations and many locations – The Great Sphinx, A Pyramid, The Dragon Cave, Chinese Garden, and The Market, you’ll be busy for hours!

Bron: Worthplaying & Simprograms

[UPDATE]: Jasper heeft het artikel vertaald en je vindt het in dit topic op ons forum.

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