Edenstyle over De Sims 3 Ambities preview in Milaan

Naast de Italiaanse fansite Sims Cri heeft nu ook de fansite Edenstyle een artikel online gezet over de presentatie van De Sims 3 Ambities vorig weekend in Milaan.

The new traits are the followings: born salesman, dramatic, eccentric, eco-friendly, perceptive and savvy sculptor.
Born salesmen can sell their items for a better price.
Dramatic Sims react in a exaggerate way to everyday events.
Eccentrics are good inventors.
Perceptive Sims are perfect for Investigator career.
Savvy sculptors have a natural talent for sculpting skill.
Eco-friendly Sims care about the environment and don’t want to waste water. They prefer to use the bicycle and they dry the clothes with the clothesline and not the electric dryer.
I really appreciate this attention for ecology, it’s a great idea in order to make players more sensible to this issue.

| May, 19 – Ambitions preview! |

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