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I’ll get the bad news out of the way up front. The major downside is that if you already own and have sunk hours into the lives, loves and careers of your fictional family in The Sims 3, you’ll have to start from scratch here. You can use pre-made families that EA have put together or create your own, but the console version of The Sims 3: Pets won’t let you import your old Sims 3 saved family into Appaloosa Plains. It’s a weird choice, and one likely to stick in the craw of those who already dedicated days, weeks and months to a Sim family and hoped to expand on your beloved pixel household with the new additions that Pets has to offer.

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There’s well over 100 different breeds to choose from. If you purchase the game new, you’ll also be able to download ten exclusive breeds. However, instead of being actual breeds, they’re more or less “pet skins” for the current set of breeds. So if you want your Pomeranian to look like a Panda, or a German Shepard to look like a Tiger, you have that option. Once you select your breed, you’ll have most of the sliders you’d expect, but you can also create custom coats of fur and change the length of their fur as well. I was successfully able to closely replicate my three real dogs with a few minor altercations.

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