CAW Wiki review van Lucky Palms voor De Sims 3

Hoe ze het voor elkaar hebben gekregen weet ik niet (vast de hele nacht doorgewerkt) maar de Engelstalige CAW Wiki heeft een review online gezet van Lucky Palms, de nieuwe buurt voor De Sims 3. De buurt scoort in ieder geval goede cijfers:

Terrain – 9/10
I took a point off on a totally subjective basis. I do not like the giant out of proportion peak in the middle of the craters, and this the world would look better without it. However this is top notch terrain sculpting, and can’t really be faulted.

Lots – 10/10
The lots are nice, with a modern building style that EA’s lot builders are clearly more comfortable with than they are with classic architecture. There’s a real charm to the new rabbit holes and the lots they inhabit, and there are plenty of lots for EP content.

Objects – 9/10
As I said in the body of the review, it’s in the objects that this pack shines – new trees, nice “premium content”, lovely additions to build mode, and with nice community-aware touches like the mailbox being available with buydebug. There is a lovely cattle guard grate on the roads in the worlds that isn’t available in CAW, knocking a point off what should be a perfect score.

Sims – 7/10
Although they mostly have the freakishly over-large eyes and slightly non-descript face of all EA Sims, these guys manage to convey a dash more personality, a bit more like the EP Sims than previous store ones. Quite a few really do look distinct and unique this time.

Playability – 9/10
I found one road not connected to an intersection, but otherwise EA has laid great routing on a terrain where the complex sculpting and bright terrain made mistakes more likely than usual.

Flavour Texts – 8/10
The community lots don’t have any flavour texts at all, but all the other texts are excellent. You can get a very good sense of what situation you are going into with a pre-made family by reading their text, and play off of that. House texts give some wry hints about the history of the world itself.

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