De Sims 4: Update 1.22.22 beschikbaar!

Zojuist is er een nieuwe update uitgekomen voor De Sims 4 (versie 1.22.22)! En wat is er nieuw ditmaal? Sims kunnen met ingang van deze update voortaan de kleur en patroon van hun telefoon aanpassen. Verder zijn het vooral weer enkele bug fixes, welke je allemaal rustig kunt nalezn in de patch opmerkingen. Zodra de Nederlandse versie beschikbaar komt, updaten we de post uiteraard weer.

Happy August Simmers!

We’d like to share a couple of small this and that’s with you…

To start off with, a new…
Sims can now customize their cell phone covers!

Open up your Sims cell phone menu by clicking on the phone in the bottom left (just under your Sims portrait). At the top of the phone menu is a Change Phone Cover Color button. You can choose from over a dozen colors and patterns for your phone to give your Sim that extra bit of flair.

We also have a few issues that were addressed…

    • The blue pattern plaster wall pattern now has a name other than wall_V_Plaster03MPanels_Blue. It now shall be known as Patterned Plaster, the same as all of its brothers and sisters – Patterned Plaster.
      • You know if it were me, I would have called it Bob, give it some personality, make it an individual, someone who stands out.
        • “What have you got there on your walls? Is that Patterned Plaster?”
        • “No. That’s Bob.”
    • Sims will no longer be woken from sleep to watch a show at the Puppet Theatre or the DJ Booth unless they were specifically called forth by the “Put on Show for…” interaction.
      • Are you an ‘er’ or ‘re’ type of person?
        • And, if I may be so bold, what would you show in your theatre or theater?
          • I’d show 80s SciFi.
  • The Grand Master Yoda styled look will no longer appear in the list twice for child Sims.
      • …although, if the Grand Master Yoda wanted to appear twice in the styled looks catalog, who are we to say no.
    • We fixed an issue where choosing to stop a custom music preview from playing in the options panel, did not actually stop it, but just lowered its volume.
    • We have, to speak plainly, adjusted the weighting and deformation maps for several Create a Sim assets in order to correct for holes, odd angles, and other visual oddities.
    • We addressed an issue that could cause Sims to get stuck in a hot tub after choosing to Woohoo, Mess Around, or Try for Baby, if both Sims had low hygiene.

    Get To Work

    • We have un-hidden three objects in the Build catalog: Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler, Still Ambiguous Lab Case, and the Galvanized Industrial Wall Pipe.
      • These objects were used on career locations, but were previously unavailable to the home catalog.

    Backyard Stuff

    • We addressed an issue with necklaces clipping into the neck when worn with shirts that were tagged as masculine.
    • The frog fountain now also includes the sound of water when it is spewing water.
      • Of particular note, is that there is no option to kiss the frog fountain, despite any hidden desires one might harbor.
        • Any attempts at kissing the frog fountain will result in no change, for you and the fountain.
          • It should be advised that if you do desire to kiss a frog, it should only be done if the frog is considered a close family friend, that you have long since been without…perhaps you were on an extended vacation to Fiji, only just now returning to see your beloved frog.
            • A gentle peck is then acceptable… with their consent of course.

    Thank you again for all and everything,

    [Posted on behalf of SimGuruNick who was going to post on behalf of SimGuruDrake while she is in Germany who normally posts on behalf of SimGuruGnome.]

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