Behind The Sims Summit toont eerste beelden van De Sims 5

Dat De Sims 5 eraan zit te komen, komt voor niemand als een verrassing, maar lang was de vraag wanneer. Hoewel die vraag nog onbeantwoord blijft, is wel al het tipje van de sluier opgelicht met de eerste beelden van het spel dat voorlopig nog met de naam Project Rene wordt aangeduid. Rond 26:45 in de onderstaande video begint het stuk over Project Rene:

Wat meteen duidelijk wordt, is dat er flink wordt ingezet op het bieden van meer vrijheden aan de speler. Zo komt het kleurenwiel terug en gaat men zelfs nog en stap verder door je bijvoorbeeld ook de mogelijkheid te bieden de precieze positie van bijvoorbeeld kussens op banken aan te passen. Project Rene zit nog in de beginfase waarmee het dus nog enkele jaren zal duren voordat het spel officieel uitkomt.

De Sims 4 gratis met nog genoeg content in het verschiet

Ondanks dat de aandacht van team langzamerhand steeds meer naar Project Rene zal gaan, blijft De Sims 4 zeker niet achter; Er zit zelfs nog jaren aan content in de planning. Zoals bekend is het spel vanaf nu namelijk gratis en tegelijkertijd is vandaag ook vooruitgeblikt op wat er binnenkort gaat komen.

Een van de verbeteringen van 2023 zal bijvoorbeeld gericht zijn op baby’s. Zo zien we een baby tijdens de livestream bijvoorbeeld kruipen over de vloer, dus na al die jaren zijn ze eindelijk verlost van hun statische wiegje.

Een andere verbetering wordt een officieel platform voor mods en custom content. Meer details daarover volgen in de winter.

Behind The Sims Summit

For the past 22 years, The Sims™ has been an incredible platform of creativity for generations of players that expands opportunities for player experimentation, self-discovery and imaginative expression.

While we are proud of the impact the game has had on people around the world, we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways for players to explore life without boundaries. We are all-in on The Simsand will continue to build innovative, creative play and meaningful stories for the future.

If you missed Behind The Sims Summit hosted by comedian Phoebe Robinson, you can watch it below.

Here’s a look at what’s to come for The Sims.

The Sims 4 Base Game is Now Available for Free, With More Content Developed into the Foreseeable Future

Beginning October 18, The Sims 4 base game will be available to all new players to download for free on PC via EA App or Origin™, Mac® via Origin, Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

With The Sims 4 base game launching for free, now is the perfect time for new players to experience the magic of The Sims and discover new ways to play, tell stories, and build your dream creations.

We are committed to bringing new content in the form of packs, kits, free updates, and Sims Delivery Express drops to The Sims 4into the foreseeable future. As a sneak peak of what’s to come, during the Behind The Sims Summit we took a look at early concept developments that will be featured in future The Sims 4 expansion packs. We’re also excited to share that infants will be arriving in early 2023!

As a thank you to our players for their support, celebration rewards are available across The Sims 4The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile including a variety of tattoos to adorn your Sims, and a special Plumbob ceiling fan – all free, and already available in your games! 

The Next Generation of The Sims in Development

The Sims team is building the next generation game and creative platform, reimagining The Sims that players know and love with even more new ways to play.

The game, which is currently in its very early stages of development, has a working title “Project Rene.” This name was chosen to be reminiscent of words like renaissance and rebirth to represent the team’s renewed commitment for The Sims’ bright future. Project Rene will fundamentally evolve how Sims think and behave, how players create and customize their worlds, and innovate in entirely new ways. 

To start, we are experimenting with creative tools, a key part of The Sims’ DNA, and taking a look at what has worked before and how we can offer more flexibility to help with building and decorating in-game.

With Project Rene, players will have the choice to play solo or collaborate with others, and will have the ability to play their game across supported devices.

The Sims has always evolved to reflect our players and their experiences, and we are building on that foundation to encourage creativity and the ability to tell meaningful stories. This is just a first glimpse of what the team is working on, and we will continue to share more information on the game’s development and milestones along the way. 

Evolving Our Relationships with Creators

For the first time in The Sims history, there will be a new destination for The Sims 4 players to download mods and custom content in a moderated, curated space through our new collaboration with Overwolf, the operators of CurseForge, a mod manager and discovery platform for user generated content.

For years, The Sims community has been expanded by modders and custom content creators, and today marks a big step forward in recognizing and celebrating their contributions. We’re empowering creators to give to the community by introducing a destination to host their incredible creations, and allow even more players to download user generated content for The Sims 4.  

We will not require modders and creators to move to or use the CurseForge platform. This collaboration is intentionally providing a supplementary experience to existing avenues for modding as well as providing a moderated platform with an additional level of security. When downloading custom content there is some risk, so always back up your data, and proceed with caution as you venture into the world of mods.  

When the platform launches, it will include content from some of your favorite creators. More to come on that and some very exciting special events soon! Be sure to follow The Sims 4 and Overwolf for updates. 

Exciting new updates for The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile

We wanted to share new updates and new improvements coming to The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile.

Available from today, players of The Sims FreePlay can look forward to improved appearances of Sim’s faces for preteen, teenager, adult and elderly life stages for the first time since the games’ release! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve representation; hairstyles, glasses and earrings are also now shared across all genders. 

In addition, the annual “Christmas in the Heir” seasonal quest will be coming to the game in December 2022 with a new special story. Plus, build and live in your own luxury superyacht, a feature that is coming to the game in early 2023. Download or update your game from the app store today!

For The Sims Mobile, we heard what our Simmers want and we have a big update. We all love balconies and with the new build/buy addition coming to a phone near you during the holidays this year, Simmers can customize balconies and decorate them with beautiful barriers.

For more information about Behind the Sims Summit, please access the F.A.Q. here.


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