The Sims 3 Supernatural Hands-On part 2

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A week or two ago, we gave you the first details about our hands-on of The Sims 3 Supernatural! Fairies, Zombies, Werewolves, you can find them all in the new city called Moonlight Falls. But there are also two more shy creatures, shrouded by darkness, which can be found in this city.


Elegant, sly and mysterious. They are the creatures of the night who sleep while dawn streches out over the fields. And at night they strike! Vampires are not really new creatures for The Sims 3, because we already got them at The Sims 3 After Dark.

What is the difference between those and these vampires? Well, to be frank, not a lot as far as we can tell. Maybe something you would expect: they have more options, more traits and a matching personality. Those are all the differences, for the rest they are still the same.

In this game they yet again have their own club where all the vamps come together and whenever a silly Sim walks in, they bite him or her for their plasma (blood in Sims language)!

Whether we have seen all the opties or only a few, remains uncertain. As you may know, we only had three hours, so rely discovering everything about this creature was not possible.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful witch of them all?

Even though the mirror of The Sims 3 Supernatural does not answer this question, it does give your witch a make-over! But back to the topic, witches, the evil cretures of the darkness who use black magic in Moonlight Falls.

Are they really dangerous? Well that depends on the player, witches can be evil but also kind of course. While they create elixers in their basements, to give to their neighbours so they can change into frogs, they also have to do social interactions. They still are Sims of course.

Witches are the creatures with the most opportunities in The Sims 3 Supernatural. Wants, pots, flying brooms and elixers, combine them and it will lead to an adventure without ending. Witches have to practise their magic to learn new spells, this won’t be easy all the time. But practise makes perfect!

AnSjJ2 en I_mJimmy

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