Geeky Women over De Sims 3 UK event

Een nieuw verslag met veel leuke details van het De Sims 3 event in Londen en Manchester kun je op deze pagina van Geeky Women vinden.


Opportunities are mini-quests that the player can choose to accept or ignore. In the case of adults, they can lead to stuff like extra cash, higher friendship with work colleagues, promotions, and other advantages. Children and teens are also able to have Opportunities, which can be rewarded with stuff like cash and/or school credit, which helps them raise their grades.

Over my time playing, I got the chance to see several Opportunities for my Sims. Puck had to go straight from his work at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp in order to deliver a package to City Hall. Pietro got school credit and cash for fixing the school’s boiler after school, and was later asked to catch a fish and deliver it to the Landgrabb Science Faculty for an experiment. Wanda had to read ‘Demand Excellance or You’ll get Mediocrity’ for school credit, and later got the opportunity to work for Doo Peas Corperate Tower for school credit and cash.

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