The Sims Hub over Sims 3 UK event

Onze nieuwe linkpartner The Sims Hub heeft een 4 pagina’s groot verslag online gezet van het Sims 3 UK event, later zal er nog een pagina online komen met antwoorden op allerlei vragen over Sims 3.

Building as you can expect is fairly similar to The Sims 2 but with the added features such as the auto-roof (handy for those who always forget about the roof, i.e. me), wall drag (moves the appropriate objects and walls to make it easier when making adjustments to your house) and free placement of certain objects such as trees. Buy mode is also fairly similar to TS2 but again you can use the free placement tool to place and rotate objects wherever you wish to. There are also quarter tiles if you want slightly more precise placement than in TS2, but don’t feel like using the free placement option.

Thinking I didn’t have enough time to start a family, I decided to adopt a child instead. The adoption menu allows you to pick a gender and age ranging from baby, toddler, child and teen, and you can also name the Sim (I am unsure if you are able to do this with all ages). I chose a male baby and the social worker was soon on her way over to my house. When she arrived she placed the baby on the floor in a cute baby basket. The wife picked up the baby out of the basket and held him in her arms. The baby is always wrapped in a blanket (mine was blue, I imagine girls are pink) but do exactly the same as babies in TS2; it just looks cuter.

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