Ook meer details over Sims 3: World Adventure (eGuide)

Prima Games werkt ook aan een Wereldavonturen Guide en heeft nu ook over deze guide meer details online gezet, we hebben er hier al eerder over bericht. De The Sims 3: World Adventure (eGuide) is er op 17 November 2009.

The Sims 3: World Adventure (eGuide)

* Travel: Sims finally see the world in adventure-cations to Egypt, France, and China. Be their travel agent!
* Danger and Adventure!: Sims dive into tombs on their adventures. Our maps show you where to find treasures and how to avoid tricky traps.
* Skills: All-new skills like nectar-making and martial arts let you customize your Sims even more.
* New Relics: Sims can bring home exciting treasure from their travels. Complete relic collections boost your Sims’ moods!
* Sims 3 Basics: This section will teach you the Sims 3 basics you need to know to start your first world adventure.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

InteriorThe Sims 3: World Adventures is the very first expansion pack for the blockbusters Sims 3 – and the very first time Sims has ever left their towns to travel the world. See the pyramids of Egypt! The mystical temples of China! The grand chateaus of France! Our guide helps you get the most out of travels by showing you all the sights, how to master the new skills, and full-color maps of dangerous underground tombs.

We include a Sims 3 Primer right off the bat to catch new players up with not just the basics of the game, but also expert tips and tricks for maximizing skills and earning great career promotions. The World Travel and New Simology chapters detail what’s new in World Adventures, from the new quest-like adventures you take while traveling to the brand-new skills learned while visiting foreign lands. Before going into each destination, Tombs 101 teaches players the essentials of surviving the underworld mazes they must explore on their adventures if they want to collect cool relics.

Tour guides for Egypt, France, and China detail everything you need to know for getting around at that destination, such as shop inventories and the location of important sites. Each tour also offers maps of every tomb and a full list of all adventures so you know what’s in store for your Sims.

Sims love to collect stuff, and so our new Object List shows off all of the new decorations, furniture, and appliances you can place in your Sims’ houses – including their vacation houses they can buy in Egypt, France, and China!

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