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Review van Patch 2.0 voor De Sims Middeleeuwen door Platinum Simmers

Gisteren is de nieuwe patch voor De Sims Middeleeuwen uitgekomen, deze voegt een aantal nieuwe optie’s toe aan het spel waaronder make-up en een schaaktafel. Platinum Simmers heeft een volledig review online gezet.

So first thing I did was check out the new makeup! This is Medieval times so I was not really sure how they would do the makeup. First it turns out, a sim cannot apply the make up on the mirror, it can only be applied in CAS. Not sure I like that.

The amount of makeup choices are limited, only one each for eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick, and three for blush. However, what I did like was that these are not the sophisticated types of makeup we get in modern times, they are much more rough.

Here you can see the eyeshadow and blush applied in their standard colour that comes with

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