SN Review: The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

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SN Review: The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats

Attention to sweet chewers! Katy Perry and Electronic Arts proudly present their new Stuff Pack: The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats! This Stuff Pack came completely unexpected and quite fast after the last Expansion Pack. This Stuff Pack is all about sweets and treats. This theme is a bit odd and isn’t suitable for everyone, but we want to leave this negativity behind us! What is this Stuff Pack really about? Read our review!

Create a Sim

One of the most important aspects of this Stuff Pack, as we have seen before the release of this Stuff Pack, is that your Sims will be conspicuous with these clothes on. This Stuff Pack is mainly focused on (young) adults and that’s why I want to start with the CAS items for women. We start at the beginning: the hairstyles. Strikingly, there are only new hairstyles with decoration. This can be a bit strange when you see CAS for the first time.

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

I have to admit that the hairstyles aren’t as terrible as first thought. They look very good and the hairstyle with the braid and the heart looks fairly neutral. On top of that, the hairstyle with the cookie hat looks very cute.

It’s a pity that there are only hairstyles with hats. I would like to have seen the cotton candy hairstyle without candy. But generally, the hairstyles look very nice, they are finished well and I think it suits every Sim.

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

They have added 14 full outfits to this Stuff Pack! There are 11 dresses, a pantsuit, a swimsuit and a jumpsuit. The dresses are actually wonderful, they have the right shape and the division between formal and casual is evenly divided. On almost every dress you can find candy. This candy is actually glued on the dresses, that’s really clever. Due to this there are many details and the dresses are now more special. But you can make some items calm by taking the version without stencils or by giving everything the same colour. Unfortunately, I don’t like the swimsuit. There is too much focus on the breast. On the other side, the jumpsuit is beautiful, actually something for Christmas! This shows that there are different outfits for different events. Some dresses are made for a sunny day in the park and others are beautiful at a Christmas dinner.

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

There are also some tops, shorts and skirts added to this Stuff Pack. 4 of the 8 tops look like a bra, 2 are more tops and the last 2 are T-Shirts. It’s strange they added the T-Shirts, because they actually don’t fit into the collection with the other items. But the other 6 tops are really nice. Although the bras are in fact something for a crazy superstar, they are made very well. I really like the glitter bra, this one is more rock than candy.

The shorts and the skirt fit well with the tops. I like the way you can mix and match the shorts and tops. Also, I’m very happy with the way the tops are under the skirt, they are really made for each other and they aren’t stand-alone garments.

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

Why, EA? When I see this pants and shirt, I really ask myself. It feels almost like ‘excuse’ clothing, as if they had to add a shirt and pants for men. I don’t think I’m the only one who won’t use this two items.

Buy mode

You expect a lot of furniture when you see this big Stuff Pack. Fortunately, there are 55 items! I won’t tell something about every object, but on the screens below you can get an impression of the furniture in different rooms. With saying that, we come to the next point. I’m happy to notice there is furniture for almost every room. There’s only nothing for the bathroom, you have to get this furniture from other Expension and Stuff Packs. Sometimes you have to get an item from previously released Packs, but you can get the majority from The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats. Maybe you recognize the table from The Sims 3 Showtime on the screen of the living room and the television from The Sims 3 Generations. As you can see, the items fit together very well, so even these weird candy items can have a place in your house.

There are still two objects I want to talk about, the game machine and the guitar. I really like the game machine and because every game machine looks a bit weird, this one fits very good with the previous ones!

I was enthusiastic about the guitar but now, when it’s in my game, it disappoints me. In contrast with the other items it isn’t finished very well, it’s a bit boring and there are little details.

Building mode

I have to say I was very disappointed when I saw the building mode. I really thought that you could change your house into a candy house like the one of Hans and Gretel. But you can’t. There is only one door with so many details that it’s ugly.

There are also an arc and a gate, they are much simpler and pretty good. For me, the windows could have had more detials, now they’re just three big sweets. Also nice, but it could have been more subtle.

SN Review: De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit

The other items in de building mode are a pillar, a trash which you can only use on community lots and three different kinds of wallpaper. I already expected the pillar, it’s predictable that a candy cane would serve as a pillar! It’s a pity that the wallpapers are meant to be a pool edge, you could use it in your bathroom but that’s it.

Community Lots

They’ve added three new community lots to this Stuff Pack. I’ll discuss and show every lot one by one.

Patty’s Natural Baths is a big public pool with a large lounge area. Because of the use of a lot of plants and treas around the pool, the sweet colours aren’t really noticable. This pool isn’t an explosion of colours, because of the use of pastel colours. It looks very calm and the items fit very well together. It’s striking the toilets are so boring in terms of colour, only the mirrors are in bright colours and the other items are dull gray.

The Cake Pleasure Dome has literally a cake as roof, so it’s not only the inside of the building which looks like candy. Also for this lot, they’ve used a lot of pastel colours, but locally there are bright colors. Something very special is the use of trees inside the building. The remaining part is extremely boring, you can only play games and sit down.

The Bonbon Lawn Park looks really nice. Since they haven’t used any walls or floors, the colors have to come from the trees and items. And that also happens! The colours are jolly and bright. In the first place you don’t see the playground, because it’s much lower than the fence. I really like this and it’s unique. It almost feels like a secret place for the children.

Actually I don’t get why they’ve made this community lots. I think it was more logical to add some rabbitholes with the candy theme so you can transform your whole city to a candy city!


It’s clear the focus in this Stuff Pack is on the clothing, especially the clothing for young adult women. These outfits are incredibly beautiful and have lots of details. And although there is a lot of furniture, they’re not as good as the outfits. It’s a pity the build mode has a little to offer, this could have been the icing on the cake of this Stuff Pack. We can’t deny that some people don’t like to make candy houses and dressed Sims, but you can also use the furniture in a lower frequency so they will look like design furniture. The outfits could also be suitable for famous and spontaneous Sims!

Team members about The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

At first, I really didn’t know what to think about this Stuff Pack. Everything looked stupid, untill I saw a video and some pictures where you could see the clothing with more details. So, I bought this Stuff Pack and installed it. Some pieces just don’t make sense, but most of them are very nice. It’s original and you can give a twist to your Sims. I can’t say it’s a weird Stuff Pack, because afterwards it seems to be very nice. I especially like some pieces of clothing.


From the announcement of this Stuff Pack, I thought it was a bit weird, but after several video chats I actually liked it! My favorite items are the cupcake bra and the Arcade! It’s nice to buy when you have enough money and you want to keep your collection complete. Otherwise, I recommend to wait untill the next Expension Pack!


Beoordeling: 6,5

Altogether, The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats offers a lot of good things and fits into the game of everyone. You are the storyteller, so you decide how and especially how often you use the items.

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Create a Sim:8,0
Building mode:5,0
Community lots:6,5

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