Gamespy geeft Sims 3 maar liefst 4,5 sterren

Ook Gamespy heeft een review online gezet en geeft Sims 3 4,5 van 5 sterren: een erg korte review zonder nieuwe screens of video’s.

And while fake lives and urban planning can keep me busy for days, The Sims 3’s online features look pretty promising as well. The options to upload your creations and share them with the online community, buy new stuff in the Sims Store (for real Earth dollars, of course), create and edit your own movies, and download other custom creations should mean plenty of longevity, though ultimately it all depends on how active the community gets. In any case, the Sims 3 team’s given us a plenty of reasons to keep coming back, the inevitable cavalcade of expansion packs notwithstanding.

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Edge Online over De Sims 3

De preview van De Sims 3 vindt je op deze pagina van Edge Online.

If there’s one great story in The Sims 3, it’s of how the biggest game in the world continues to act like it, expanding in some respects, shrinking in others, but always evolving. And it’s about EA learning more and more how to act like the world’s biggest developer, the production values, build quality and feature set here being almost overwhelming. There’s much to say about its online support, which like Spore’s is welcomed into every corner and ranges from machinima to content sharing and blogs. And also the massively enriched character generator, and how it creates a world of different shapes and sizes, if not so much personalities. But with so much movement in a game that means so much to so many, the talking points seem endless. No wonder the Sims have so much to say.