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  1. ik las net dat de opvouwbare bed
    terug komt in het spel
    ook kan je straks naakt duiken

    heb dit ergens gelezen:

    Info from The Sims Town Hall Event
    23 October 2010 – 07:19 by Jinx | 1 Response

    mw1234 is one of the simmers who attended The Sims 3 Town Hall Event, here are his updates from the event for The Sims 3 Late Night and The Sims Medieval:

    The Sims 3 Late Night

    ◦Your able to go on set-up dates!
    ◦With the apartments, you are only allowed to see the lobby and apartment.
    ◦How big is Bridgeport
    •It’s the largest world 2100X2100
    •Population: About 30-40 sims right now.
    •Building: Community Lots: 50 Homes: 23
    ◦Is there dancing? There’s slow dance, didn’t try it out yet!
    •There is “Snuggle in shoulder” while dancing!
    ◦Does the city Feel like a city? There are many sims and its busy (depends on story progression too) and the city seems active!
    ◦“The Dwarves” is the new vampire family.
    ◦How many vampires are in Bridgeport? There’s 1 or 2 families and then some singles!
    ◦“Throw water at” for being an idiot in romantic!
    ◦There is apartment items like a foldable bed! Theres a small and big electronic fish tank… There’s a small and medium sized flat screen…
    ◦Bridgeport info:
    •19 sim families
    •2 vamp families
    •14 singles
    •16 vampires
    •7 single vamps
    •15 celebs!
    ◦There is skinny dipping
    ◦Singing (In the Band)
    ◦Are there any returning families at Bridgeport? Yes… But I wanna keep that one a secret!
    ◦Table Dancing; Embarrasses your peers
    ◦Build & Buy Mode? Water Fountain Creator… Apartment creator… And then placing subway transits in your own hood! And then there’s making clubs and such!
    ◦New Interaction to Trip a Sim.
    ◦Elevators for Homes
    ◦The apartment creator is only on the top floor of a high rise!
    ◦How many hot tubs are there? Inground and then above ground.
    ◦Curved pools
    ◦You call friends and ask “Want to go out?” Then you’ll meet them at a club or restraunt and then you just scower the streets…
    ◦You can get mugged in the subway… Its called robbed but your sims come out with the “Hurt” moodlet -50
    ◦They were going to fit Seasons in and they have now decided to fit it into a whole new expansion pack! (Note: Probably EP4)
    ◦There is a 1/4 chance your sim will become turned into a vampire on the first bite and then 1/2 on the second.

    ◦You can create vamps in CAS.

    ◦When you Try For Baby, you have a 1/3 chance of becoming a vamp with a normal sim.

    ◦If you eat real food you throw up.

    ◦Plasma boosts all sims needs (except bathroom which they rarely use)

    ◦4 new lifetime wishes
    ◦New holiday items: Holiday gifts include a snow globe, Kris Kringle, Christmas Tree, Kwanzaa poster & Hanukkah sculpture! They’ll be free on the store!
    ◦Bands: You can perform self-employed and get paid!
    The Sims Medieval

    ◦You can choose traits like flaws and goodies
    ◦You can also ride horses to battle! (Note: This is a contradiction of the developers, and may not be true)
    ◦Wizard can turn Sims into Frogs.

    1. Dat komt van de Townhall Meeting van gisteren en is te vinden op Infinite Sims. Jimmy zal er morgen een bericht over maken met screens erbij 🙂

      Ik ben even bezig met een andere klus voor S3N 🙂

  2. oke hiki ik ben benieuwd

    ook leuk op die screen is dat die drankjes bij de bubbelbad staan
    hopelijk kan je vanuit je bubbelbad een drankje nemen
    dat zou echt cool zijn
    ook grappig hoe die ene sims met de helft van zn koppie onder water zit

  3. ◦New holiday items: Holiday gifts include a snow globe, Kris Kringle, Christmas Tree, Kwanzaa poster & Hanukkah sculpture! They’ll be free on the store!

    gaaf de kerstboom komt ook weer terug

  4. ik vind dat bubbelbad GEWELDIG
    dat andere bubbelbad zit toch een soort nep-bamboetje bij ofzo en hij is van hout, zag ik op een screen 😀

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