SimGuruGraham’s nieuwe blog over De Sims 3

Producer Graham Nardone heeft op de officiële De Sims 3 site twee nieuwe blog bijdrages neergezet. De blogs hebben eigenlijk niet nieuws te vertellen en gaan onder andere over de community, de Sims 3 Store en de nieuwe social features in De Sims 3 Showtime.

Does The Sims community have a say?

We want you to know that we take all of your feedback very seriously. We read our forums, fan sites, Facebook posts, tweets and take all of that information into consideration when planning the development of games and content for The Sims games. Our goal is to provide fans of The Sims with the content and experiences they want and keep the variety fresh and affordable.

Are the new connected features something the fans asked for?

We’re very proud of the options that we’ve been able to provide to better connect us to you and you to your friends within The Sims community. The Sims is a franchise that is based on player choice, and we give you the tools to play as you choose. While some of you may choose to enjoy your offline experience as you always have, some of you have asked to be able to play and share with your friends. Through these features, players have the opportunity to post their Sims’ successes, share gameplay techniques, create wish lists and send gifts, search for new friends and share memories through their in-game news feeds and beyond. Even if you choose not to play with your friends or post on in-game walls, you can still benefit from online connected features. Using these functions, we are able to notify you and provide you with new challenges and achievements that will be rolled out on a regular basis. Again, it’s there if you want it, but of course, it’s all up to you.

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