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In every country there is board with quests pinned on it from the local Sims, asking for help. There are several kind of quests to accept. For example quests that ask you to collect a object in a tomb, bring a certain item from local Sim A to local Sim B, and quests that ask you to collect things like rocks or bugs. There are enough quests to keep you occupied while visiting the country. Especially the quests where you need to find a certain object in a tomb is very addicting and fun to complete. Thanks to these kind of quests it is possible to be send in a tomb you didn’t know before. You can find all the quests back that your Sim has completed before, and if your Sim leaves a country without finishing a quest you will be able to finish it the next time you come back to the same country.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

There are a lot different tombs and caves to explore. A few of them are well hidden so it takes some time to find all the tombs in every country. Every tomb also includes its own style and settings that depends, for example on the country the tomb is standing in. There are little tombs but also large ones with 4 (basement) levels to explore. Sometimes it can be a pain in the butt to find certain doors or stairs because some openings ask for different kind of keystones which you can only find in other tombs, or which you can get when accepting a quest. Sometimes you even need a object from another country before you can fully finish a tomb.

While being on adventure in different kind of tombs and caves you will find all kinds of secrets that you need to solve as a player. For example, there are different kinds of doors that you don’t see immediately, you will mostly find them after searching the room carefully with your eyes. Also the tombs are filled with little puzzles that you need to solve in order to get deeper into the tomb. These puzzles are mostly finding certain triggers, keystones, or pulling/pushing a statue. If you do it right you will find big treasures to collect and take home with you.

These puzzles look like they are all the same when you play it for the first time. The tombs are indeed all build in the same way, with the doors, triggers and so on. However, in my opinion EA Games did their very best to make the tombs different somehow. Every tomb you visit is unique, so the puzzles you have to solve are a whole new experience each and every time. A funny thing is that your Sims can accidently stand on a trap and need a way to get their selves out of it. Or they should find a way to make trap harmless again so they can walk over it safely. They can of course also try to dodge the traps. The puzzles definitely get harder when you complete more and more of them, which also makes your Sim find more valuable treasures.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

What else is new?
The Sims 3 World Adventures is really huge. There are a lot of new objects available in the buy modus which you can, by the way, all identity by the new World Adventure icon. Most of the new objects are of course Chinese, France or Egyptian. Most of the new objects do, however, only become available after using the new buydebug cheat. The objects which will come available after you use that cheat are mostly meant for creating your own tombs and the environments (you can for example buy the Eiffel tower). I think I have never seen that many new items before in any other expansion pack of the Sims 2.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

Apart from all the new objects you can get in the buy modus, there are a lot of new objects added to the build modus as well. One of the most anticipated one is of course the basement tool. For the making of your own tombs, EA Games has added a lot of new pillars and doors. They also made the pagoda roofs available as well a lot of new terrain paintings. And a lot of other things, such as new trees and plants. They added something new in almost every category.

We shouldn’t forget the new clothes and hairs. EA Games has added dozens of new clothing sets for both male and female, which do of course fit very well with one of the three new countries. The same goes for hairs and other accessories like shoes. The new hairs are mainly caps and hats though, only a few new hairs for woman have been added to the game. Another thing that made me a little sad, is that yet again EA Games seems to have forgotten the clothing for the children. They’ve added a few new clothing pieces but in my opinion they should really add more clothes for children as they have only a few to choose from already.

There are also new characteristics, whishes, rewards and lifetime goals. There are a few new characteristics such as “Adventurer”. These new characteristics will have, just like all the others, some influence on your game. In the case of an adventurer your Sims will develop a visa level faster than other Sims. And there new fitting whishes as well, such as finding a secret door when you’re exploring a tomb. Whenever you’ve saved enough lifetime points to buy a new reward you can now choose some new ones. Such as a reward which will makes going on a holiday cheaper, or the one which makes your Sim find more treasures than other Sims.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

New skills
There are new skills you can train as well. You Sim can now become a professional at photography, very good at making nectar or a master of the martial arts. With the photography skill your Sims can make pictures (with a camera they can buy at the markets) of everything they encounter during their adventures. The pictures your Sims makes will be worth more if your skill is of a high level. Also your pictures won’t be failures anymore as much as they’re when you’re just a starter. It can for example happen that some fingers of your Sim are in front of the camera when they make a picture, or that the picture is moved. A very nice feature of photography is that the game will track of what you made a picture already and place that in the belonging collection. If you made all the pictures belonging to a collection, you complete that collection and your Sim will gain some extra photography skill.

Making nectar is also a very nice skill to master, and it fits perfectly with gardening. This is because you can use a lot of different types of fruit to make nectar of. If you by making a lot of nectar raise your skill, your Sims will be able to make nectar with a better taste. All the nectar your Sims makes can be stored in a cabinet or your Sims could drink it immediately. However, you should look out that the taste of the nectar is good. Else your Sims will become a little bit grumpy.

WA review afbeelding

As the last new skill, your Sims can become a master in Martial arts. There are a several ways to train this skill, on a dummy for example. When your Sims start to train this skill, it does look very funny. But later on the movements will become very smooth. You can challenge other Sims for a friendly fight. Don’t worry though, your Sims won’t even really hit each other! This skill is also very use full when the Sims need to defend their selves from mummies, would they encounter one in any tomb or cave. At Martial arts skill level 5, you sims will be able to meditate. This has a very nice positive effect to your Sims that will last for several hours, but that depends on how long your Sim has meditated.

And this wasn’t even everything yet! There are lot of new objects and stuff. Such as new books, food, plants and fishes.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

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