The Sims 3 World Adventures Review – Page 4

Two days after we received The Sims 3 World Adventures the team members of Sims 3 Nieuws held a team meeting, so everybody had a chance to take a closer look in the game. Here you will read what what the impressions are of Kyta and Patricia, and my conclusion of the game.

Kyta’s first impression
On the moment when your Sims go on their first vacation it’s pretty exciting, it’s a whole new game play so I was very curious. When my Sims were on vacation I personally thought everything was looking beautiful, it’s totally different from what I’ve seen before. I will most likely need more eyes and time the next few weeks because there is so much to discover!

Patricia’s second impression
Even though I was able to play World Adventures in America while being there for SIMposium I still didn’t had time enough to get a perfectly good first impression. Luckily I got a second chance on the team meeting which took place on November 15th.

Let’s make one point clear: I absolutely love World Adventures. That is what I thought after playing it for the first time and I still think that after playing it the second time. This time around I got to see more annoying things in the game though, which is a shame I didn’t see them in America. This proofs that even two days behind the game isn’t time enough to get a first impression. However, I keep saying that EA Games did a wonderful job on the game. I hope they will continue using these wonderful options and wonderful graphic effects in the future expansion packs.

From what I’ve seen so far of the game are things that attract me. Everything is definitely sort out and taken care of in the game and the new game play is a change that I think we will all welcome and love. The game does have a few little negative points but I don’t think that is important if you compare it to the hours of fun you will have with this expansion pack. I do not lie when I tell you this is probably my most favorite The Sims game in years.

WA review afbeeldingWA review afbeelding

Thank word
On behalf of the Sims 3 Nieuws team I would like to thank EA Games for choosing us, and many other Dutch fansites, to review the game.

We would also like to thank our visitors. Without you we probably wouldn’t have been able to get all the amazing chances we had so far.

Thank you!

This review has been written by Xelles.
Translated to English by Xelles and Patricia.

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Table of contents:
Page 1: Introduction.
Page 2: Countries & all the new stuff.
Page 3: Bugs, positive and negative points.
Page 4: Conclusion. (Current page)

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