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Every game contains bugs, even this one. There are several bugs in the game that are simply annoying. It’s possible that these bugs show up differently in every game and maybe react differently on every computer. For example, while we were all playing the game on the team meeting every single game on every computer has been shut down at least ones. Without us giving the command to shut down. The best way to deal with this problem is to save your game after completing a Sims day, so if the game shuts down you only have to go back one day.

Another weird bug was the one which wouldn’t let me finish the quest I received. I had to catch two red beetles which were located in China on two places only, so the game says. I caught the two beetles with great success. However, the game didn’t count the second beetle as a success so I couldn’t turn in the completed quest. I tried to reject the quest and take it again from a local Sim. That didn’t work though.

Other negative points

There are several other things that are little negative points about the game. When you visit another country you will hardly see any other Sims on the streets. It’s logical to us that there are no other Sims in the tombs. But there are hardly any Sims on the market for example. Sometimes you see two or three other Sims but that’s it.

WA review afbeelding

It’s also a shame there aren’t any real hotels to book a room in when you go to China or France. Instead you get to sleep in one room, filled with several beds. Because of this you don’t have to check in and you don’t have to check out, it also takes away the option for room service which would’ve been great.

Another negative point is that your Sim is send back to Sunset Valley or Riverview when the vacation time is over. This happens on exactly 0:00 AM. On that moment it won’t matter what your Sim is doing, even if he/she is in a tomb, when the clock goes from 11:59 PM to 0:00 AM you will get a loading screen and your Sim has been send back to home. There is no way of stretching your time in another country to finish something, just be sure you did everything you wanted to do before your time is over.

Positive points
Of course there are way more positive points about the game instead of negative points. So we will close this review with the good things in the game.

The way of ending up in adventures is a totally new concept. This has never been done before in any other Sims game so far. The Sims 3 already had a lot of new features, options and more. EA Games has been adding more in World Adventures by making exploring a tomb very interactive. In the early days of The Sims 2 you probably would’ve been able to click on a tomb, let your Sims search in it but not being able to look in the tomb yourself. But in World Adventures you get to tell your Sim where to look in the tomb which makes it very refreshing and new.

WA review afbeelding

This is probably one of the biggest expansion pack ever made by EA Games, which a lot of people will most likely notice! The new character traits, new objects and new clothes are more in game content then The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 ever had.

The quests are a lot of fun to complete. They aren’t too hard, but also not too easy when you complete more quests. Of course that is different for every person. However, the general player will probably love it.

Going on adventure is very addicting! When you visit a country you want to know all its secrets and find all its treasure in the tombs. Luckily EA Games didn’t make exploring the countries too easy. Including things like Visa points, and certain objects you need to get something done in another country make it interesting to go back over and over again to China, France and Egypt.

The graphical part of The Sims 3 World Adventures is simply said beautiful. For example, when you pull a switch the graphics effects will show you where you changed something in a tomb. Also entering certain buildings, like the sphinx, you will see impressive graphical effects that make the game look gorgeous.

EA Games really tried to make your Sims funny as they have always tried. Your Sim scratching his/her butt, or your Sim falling down while stamping the grapes is much fun to look at.

WA review afbeelding

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