Sims 3 preview op Eurogamer

De Engelstalige site Eurogamer heeft een preview van De Sims 3 online gezet: twee pagina’s lang en de moeite waard eens door te lezen.

In terms of actual Sims’ nature though, the core of the game is the personality traits, which replace the statistic-tweaking of the first. I spend a lot of time talking about the personality traits, because I think that’s the heart of The Sims 3, argues Chun. So rather than spending points in characteristics, with you ending up as Lazy or Energetic depending how many you spend in the category, you choose up to five attributes, each of which has a distinct effect on a sim’s personality. Rather than the fuzziness, things now have clean edges. The cool thing is that we’re not making value judgments about anything, says MJ Chun. You can be evil, and not feel bad. That’s something which is very Sims. We’re giving the same level of importance to being Friendly or Lucky, being a Snob or being a Vegetarian.

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