Italiaanse fansites over presentatie De Sims 3 Ambities in Milaan

Vandaag vinden in Amsterdam en Moskou presentaties plaats van De Sims 3 Ambities en afgelopen weekend was dat nog in Milaan waar onder onder andere de italiaanse fansite Sims 3 Cri aanwezig was.

Het eerste deel van hun verslag hadden we al gemeld en het tweede deel (in het Engels) is nu ook online gezet.

Updates to the user interface

The graphic interface of the game has been slightly modified to make it easier to use through a tabs division. What does it mean?

First of all, the notification window that appears on the right of the screen every time a Sim earns a new skill point, gets a promotion, etc.. has been organized into tabs divided by topics, which collect all the messages you receive and you can browse them with a next/prev button. Also, you can minimize the window and reopen it whenever you want.
As for the opportunities, anytime you get one you’re also notified what you need to do in order to complete it, which things you’ll necessitate, the point you’ve reached and so on (a bit like the diary of World Adventures).
Even these updates will be available for everyone, as they will be included in the next game patch that also features tattoos and the new Edit Town options.

| The Sims 3 Ambitions – Italian preview with Grant Rodiek |

Het eerste deel van het verslag op Edenstyle hadden we ook al gemeld en hun tweede deel, ook in het Engels, staat nu ook online.

The time machine

Inventors can create a time machine, that will let them to travel in the future or in the past.
When a Sim use it, you cannot follow him, but some messages tell you what he is doing. Once back, he can get something special, like medieval or primitive clothes & hairstyle. You can whoohoo in it and also have a child… but he/she can be older than you or a teenager or adult already.

| May, 20 – Ambitions preview |

En mocht je Italiaans goed zijn dan kun je nog gaan kijken op 2 andere Italiaanse fansites:

| Daniela Sims (Italiaans) | Mondo Sims (Italiaans) |

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