Living Sims magazine nummer 19 staat online

Vandaag is het 19e nummer van dit mooie magazine over De Sims online gekomen. Ik heb het even snel doorgebladerd en het ziet er weer allemaal prachtig uit en volgens mij is het ook een extra dik nummer. En je kunt het gewoon online lezen!

For many of us, the beautiful fall leaves are now all scattered on the ground and the landscape is no longer on fire with the vibrant colors of Fall. Pumpkins, once smiling and glowing, are now relegated to the compost heap. The days are getting shorter and the air is distinctly chillier. There may even be frost in the mornings and the smell of smoke wafts through neighborhoods where fireplaces are lit. Couples snuggle and little closer and cozy duvets are thrown on the beds. As some of us are rejoicing that soon it will snow, and the skis and skates will come out, the rest of us are beginning to plan our winter hibernation, stocking up on cocoa, tea and wooly socks.

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