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Sims 3 machinima artist spotlight: Faalq

Als je van De Sims 3 machinima houdt en onze site een beetje volgt dan weet je dat we regelmatig aandacht hebben besteed aan machiniamaker Faalq.

De Amerikaanse De Sims 3 site heeft nu een ‘machinima artist spotlight‘ over hem online gezet en we hebben dat interview ook maar even hier neergezet.

We decided to interview Faalq and feature his videos on our channel for our second Machinima Artist Spotlight.

What got you started in The Sims 3 machinima creation?
It’s kinda hard to remember, I just wanted another chance as a Machinima creator. At the time I made my first The Sims 3 video I already took into account a couple of tips from some marvellous underrated The Sims 2 machinima creators. In fact, I used to create The Sims 2 machinimas when I was younger too. They weren’t good at all haha, but I still like them.

What programs/tools do you use to create your machinimas?
I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 for the edition, but I’m starting to get a lot of errors so I’m thinking of moving to Sony Vegas 9. I’m also trying to understand the magic behind Adobe After Effects, but I’m just really lazy.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mostly from Music, I really LOVE music. Sometimes there’s a new song that suddenly interrupts my routine and I can’t get it out of my head until I plan something for it. Until then, a bunch of ideas comes to my mind and you can see me trying to write everything down. If you watch my videos you should notice that I have an undefined taste on music.

But then again, music is not where all my inspiration comes from. I also have in mind situations in real life and some uncompleted illogical parts from my dreams that my brain can remember.

Which of your videos are you most proud of?
I know this is going to sound a bit egotistical, but I’m proud of all my videos including the ones that aren’t good. There’s something special about all of them that makes me proud.

You have to be proud of your own creations because it’s something you have done with a lot of effort.
Anyway, If I had to choose I would pick my horror series called “Unforgivable”. It took a lot of my time last year. There was a moment I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I eventually finished it. I regret not putting voices in it though.

Is there a specifiek theme that could be seen across all you’re the The Sims 3 machinimas?
Hmm… Not really. You can find wide different themes in my machinimas.

For example, you can find contemplative or surreal machinimas such as ‘Swim’, ‘A Love Suicide’, ‘Bonne Justice’, ‘Just be Friends’, and ‘Unforgivable’. Even though there are no similarities between them, the reason I put them in this group is because of the way you can use your imagination to interpret things.

Some people just want action. They want a background story that doesn’t require them to wonder ‘IF SO…’ or ‘MAYBE THAT…’. In short words, a completely understandable story like I showed in ‘Leni’, ‘Perfect Exceeder’, ‘Kokoro’, ‘Common Reaction’, etc.

It’s like in horror movies. Some people prefer Psychological Horror that are designed so that your imagination does the work, and the others prefer gore movies with monster popping out of everywhere.

Are you working on a new project? Tease us with details!
Yeah, I’m currently working on a mini-series called “Heartful”. I don’t want to spoil everything but It’s going to be a drama about a “writer to be” and his past.
I had to do researches about a lot of stuff to complete the story and make it as realistic as possible.
This time I’m planning to make it with voices so I’m really excited about this project. Hopefully it will turn out as good as I’ve been expecting.Anyway, it’s going to take a while so I might still upload machinimas until Heartful is complete.

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