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Interview met Rachel Bernstein door GAME

GAME heeft een interview met Rachel Bernstein online gezet, waarin geen spectaculaire nieuwe dingen worden onthult. Het interview is wel leuk om te lezen als je bijvoorbeeld wilt weten wat Rachel Bernstein’s favoriete Held is in de game of iets dergelijks. Om het interview te lezen moet je eerst iets naar beneden scrollen op de pagina van GAME.

So having looked at that environment in so much detail . . . how does it feel to be at an actual castle today? Do you find yourself looking critically at the walls and wanting to move trees?

No, actually it’s really satisfying and it’s fun, and I find myself recognizing things that I think, ‘We have something just like that in the game’. We did a castle tour yesterday and I kept walking by pieces of furniture or wall panels and going, ‘We have that!’. Because the artists in the team are really, really talented and they spend a lot of time getting a lot of reference. They bring their own beautiful style to it, but it makes everything look so rich. We wanted to make everything look handmade and to be in a place where you see these things and think, ‘Wait, that’s in the game’, is very satisfying.

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