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Making The Sims 3 again in a fantasy setting would likely have been easy, fun and still have sold like crazy, so good on EA for taking a drastically different approach. If you’re of the mind that The Sims has been stale since the original game, this may bring you back. It feels like a Sims product while at the same time feels like something completely fresh and original. But if you don’t like having goals or being too limited in your virtual sandbox, then who are you kidding? You’re probably still playing The Sims 3. Stick with that and let the rest of us enjoy the breath of fresh air that The Sims Medieval brings.

| Gamesradar: More than a Sim in a new skin |

Bottom Line: EA wagered that adding fun new game elements to its blockbuster franchise would work, and The Sims Medieval succeeds sufficiently to start its own branching franchise. Expect an expansion pack or ten.

Recommendation: If you like The Sims, you’ll likely dig them in medieval form. The Sims Medieval is also worth picking up if you love the fairytale world of King’s Quest or were frustrated with the lack of story in generic Sims. But if you’re into hardcore action RPGs, I’d steer clear.

| Escapist Magazine: The Sims Medieval Review |

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