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2 reviews van De Sims 3 Levensweg

Door als het nieuws over De Sims 3 Beestenbende zijn we bijna vergeten dat De Sims 3 Levensweg nog maar net uit is. Er zijn 2 Engelstalige reviews online gekomen.

PROS: Greater depth of gameplay for Child and Teen Sims; new Day Care profession is fun; integrated well into the existing experience rather than feeling like a new game.

CONS: Not as flashy or as obvious an improvement as previous expansion packs; could be argued that this pack’s content should have been included in the main game, especially for the price.

| Gamepro: Review: The Sims 3: Generations (PC) |

Generation is definitely a worthy expansion of the awesomely addictive Sims Empire. It gives more depth to the kid and teen Sims who previously didn’t have many options and were therefore boring parts of the game. EA is definitely moving in the right direction and with their release of Sims Pets in October, we Sim lovers will no longer need a reason to ever leave our houses again.

| New York Post: Sims 3: Generations: the kids are alright |

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