Interview met Andrea Wendland Producer De Sims 3 websites

EA Underground heeft een interview online gezet met Andrea Wendland: zij is verantwoordelijk voor het ontwikkelen en bouwen van onder andere de officiële De Sims 3 websites. Beetje ‘saai’ artikel tenzij je zelf websites bouwt of een website hebt.

With those two sites you did develop, can you briefly walk me through the process from conception to launch and how long that takes?

Oh wow, that’s a lot. I’ll try to make it brief. The lead game producer for MySims and it’s product manager approached me about making a web site. The game had been approved for development, so we needed a site. We had one of our outside agencies develop the look/feel of the site. We then worked with the game team to get cool animations, the audio team for sound, and Marketing for the correct wording.

We then had a Web Producer on the Web team code out the pages, get all of the wording translated, and had everyone in the studio approve before we pushed it live. And viola! In 6 months, you have a fully functional site that’s translated in various languages.

| Breaking into the Gaming Industry: Andrea Wendland, Lead Web Producer |

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