A loss for the Sims Community…


Hello everyone,

Many people in the Sims community knew that Quxxn’s surgery didn’t go as well as planned.
The last week was hectic for every each and one of her fans and Sims fans.
We’ve had to hear the sad news that Quxxn past away after struggling through some infections caused by the surgery.
We were shocked to hear this, she was a famous Let’s Player in the Sims community and always put a smile on many people’s faces by just uploading videos.
We know it will be a hard time that’s coming for family, friends and fans, but we can do it, with our memories of how she was.
We’re still shocked and it’s hard to write this because we are literally speechless.
May you rest in peace, Quxxn, you will be missed by many. We have chosen to publish this message a little later then (probably) other fansites. This due respect for the family and friends. Rest in peace Quxxn.

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