SimCity update 8.0 krijgt een kleine patch


Vanavond wordt er een kleine ‘patch’ voor de update uitgerold die vorige week is uitgekomen. Hopelijk komen sommige problemen na de nieuwe update niet meer voor.

After releasing Update 8.0, we received lots of great feedback. Some players reported an issue after the update where some existing cities saw a sharp drop in education skill level, which put their technology industries into a decline. Investigating this issue immediately became our top priority.
Thanks to your help and additional information, the source of the problem was located and a solution was created. Our QA team and DevTest participants has been working ever since to ensure the solution was successful and we will be releasing an update today with update 8.01. This update requires us to take all game servers offline to deploy the update to everyone. This will take place during today (timing to follow) and servers will be unavailable during the deployment. Please monitor this thread for updates on the progress.

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